Vehicle Title Services

Vehicle Title Services

Ruth & Associates Business Solutions is a licensed title agency. Our team can help you get on the road with little to no hassel to you. Our vehicle title services include:

New Vehicle Registration

After your car has passed all necessary safety and emission inspections, acquired proof of ownership, and proof of insurance, you will need a proof of registration. We can assist you with every step to get you on the road as quickly as possible.

Temporary Tags

A temporary tag is a license plate that proves you own a vehicle. Temporary tags act as a buffer while you wait for your full registration and permanent plates to arrive. A valid temporary tag is required to drive a vehicle if you do not yet have license plates.

Tag Renewals

Every year you are required by law to renew your license plate tags. Typically you will receive a notice before your tags are set to expire. You’ll be required to have proof of insurance to renew your tags.


Lost Title Assistance

Lost titles can occur for various reasons. Oftentimes, it can be a hassel to replace lost or stolen titles. We can help you prepare all necessary materials and take all necessary steps to replace your car title.